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It's not just about the money.

A podcast that blends the nuts and bolts of financial advice with the emotions that drive making them.

Research tells us that about 90% of all financial decisions are made emotionally, not logically. For nearly four decades and named as a 2009 Businessweek 15 most experienced planners in the nation, Rick Kahler, CFP®, CFT-I™, has helped people make better money decisions by integrating financial planning. What makes his financial world view different from most financial experts? He blends the nuts and bolts of financial advice with the emotions that drive making them and shares them on his financial therapy podcast. Every financial behavior, whether it appears illogical to you or others, makes perfect sense when we understand the underlying beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Good money decisions are not just about money.

For more information on financial planning, check our financial therapy podcast, Rick Kahler, on our audibles below: 


  • The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge (HCI 2006)
  • Facilitating Financial Health (NUCO 2008)
  • Wired for Wealth (HCI 2009)

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Get real, sound wealth management and financial advice to evaluate your current financial situation and develop a plan that ensures a better future. As a Certified Financial Therapist-I™, Rick has been able to find out more about the emotional side of your behavior toward money.

As a former chairman of the South Dakota Investment Council managing $6 billion, founder of Kahler Financial Group and one of the top 15 most experienced financial planners in the United States, Rick can help you glean a lot of valuable insight into the matter. Rick Kahler is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional helping to manage investments, advise on financial health, and ensure you reach your financial goals.

About Rick Kahler:

Rick Kahler, MSFP,CFP ® , CFT-1™, CeFT ® , CCIM, president of Kahler Financial Group, is a life-long resident of Rapid City, SD. He began his professional career in 1973 selling and appraising real estate He founded Kahler Financial Group in 1981. He became the first fee-only Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP ® ) in South Dakota in 1983. In 2020 he became one of the first Certified Financial Therapist-Level I (CFT-I™,) in the nation.

His firm specializes in the integration of investment advising, financial planning, financial coaching, and financial therapy, serving small business and real estate owners, professionals, and retirees, as well as individuals and families.

He served on and chaired the South Dakota Investment Council and served in leadership capacities with the Financial Planning Association and the National Association of Financial Planning Advisors. Kahler is also a nationally renowned speaker and educator who has been cited and published several times in respected news publications, including the New York Times and USA Today. Also, in 2003, National American University recognized Mr. Kahler with the Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Interested in working with Rick Kahler, MSFP, CFP®, CFT-1™, CeFT®? Please go to our website, and fill out a request for a 30-minute free consultation.

What Is a Financial Therapist?

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck despite holding a stable job for over a decade, or you have accumulated a significant amount of debt that continues to increase at an accelerated pace, turning to a certified financial therapist for advice can undoubtedly change your life.

Contrary to popular opinion, financial advisors and financial therapists are not the same.

Financial advisors are experienced professionals committed to helping their clients manage their money by learning about their specific situations. Their work is not limited to drafting financial plans, as they also assist in investment and wealth management, brokering the purchase of stocks, creating tax plans, and more.

On the other hand, financial therapists are certified individuals who provide their clients with the emotional support they may require to make better financial decisions. These professional counselors can provide you with all the tools and resources you need to learn about your current relationship with money and explore the factors that led to your present circumstances. They also use clinically proven methods to develop a personalized process to reshape your subconscious assumptions and encourage you to move toward financial security and prosperity.

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