Change Money Behaviors With These Financial Therapy Tools

When someone in this position calls me for help in changing a hurtful financial behavior, I struggle with the next question: So what does a person do? What are the next steps? Typically, I explain that the solution does not lie in knowing more information, but in understanding the emotional baggage that underlies the behavior, which requires more than just financial counseling. The best thing to do is call a financial therapist. The next best thing is to employ some of the tools used by a financial therapist to begin to understand your interior financial landscape. Read more here.

About Rick Kahler:

Rick Kahler, MSFP,CFP ® , CFT-1™, CeFT ® , CCIM, president of Kahler Financial Group, is a life-long resident of Rapid City, SD. He began his professional career in 1973, selling and appraising real estate. He founded Kahler Financial Group in 1981. He became the first fee-only Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP ® ) in South Dakota in 1983. In 2020 he became one of the first Certified Financial Therapist-Level I (CFT-I™) in the nation. He was also a founding board member of the Financial Therapy Association FTA and is still a member of the association.

His firm specializes in the integration of investment advising, financial planning, financial coaching, and financial therapy, serving small business and real estate owners, professionals, and retirees, as well as individuals and families with personal finance.

Financial therapists are both financial professionals and mental health professionals. Therefore, these therapists can help people with both the financial and mental health aspects of their financial difficulties. By working with a financial therapist, people facing financial challenges, such as excessive credit card debt or lack of spending on essentials, can learn more about any problematic behavior that might be a result of their relationship with money.

Since financial therapists consider both the emotional and financial aspects of financial decisions, financial therapy can often do more to help your financial help than financial counseling alone. Financial therapy provided by a licensed mental health professional helps individuals deal with financial anxiety while it disciplines financial behavior, thus helping them to meet their financial goals.

He served on and chaired the South Dakota Investment Council and served in leadership capacities with the Financial Planning Association and the National Association of Financial Planning Advisors. Kahler is also a nationally renowned speaker and educator. In 2003, National American University recognized Mr. Kahler with the Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

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