If Only My Partner Would Change, Things Would Be Great!

partner would change

“If my partner would change, we would resolve our conflict about when and where we should retire!” “My spouse doesn’t understand that I work hard for us!” These are common statements uttered in frustration about money and work conflicts. So, how do couples make their conversations constructive and create financial intimacy?  Rick’s guest Deb Kaplan shares how to utilize the tools necessary for a constructive conversation: listen, suspend judgment, become curious, practice compassion, and focus on our own behavior. We also explore Money Scripts, IFS tools and how listeners can interview and dialogue with the part of themself that is engaged in a self-defeating money behavior.

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If Only My Partner Would Change, Things Would Be Great!


About Special Guest Debra Kaplan:

Debra L. Kaplan, MA, MBA, LPC, CMAT, CSAT-S specializes in helping clients overcome addictions, issues related to sex and love, relationship struggles and unresolved traumatic stress. Debra (she her, hers) is committed to providing compassionate, expert and culturally sensitive care for all clients across diverse sexual orientation, gender, and race. Debra’s expertise in working with sexual compulsivity or sex addiction includes working with couples and spouses’ sexual health impacted by internet and pornography addiction, emotional / sexual affairs, and financial infidelity. Financial infidelity (also referred to as financial betrayal) is an often overlooked and misunderstood dynamic in committed relationships and marriages, and potentially sustains the most injury to the individuals involved.

About Rick Kahler:

Rick Kahler, MSFP, CFP ® , CFT-1™, CeFT ® , Certified Internal Family Systems℠ Practitioner, president of Kahler Financial Group, is a lifelong resident of Rapid City, SD. He began his professional career in 1973 selling and appraising real estate He founded Kahler Financial Group in 1981. He became the first fee-only Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP ® ) in South Dakota in 1983. In 2020 he became one of the first Certified Financial Therapist-Level I (CFT-I™,) in the nation.

His firm, specializes in the integration of investment advising, financial planning, financial coaching, and financial therapy, serving small business and real estate owners, professionals, and retirees, as well as individuals and families.

He served on and chaired the South Dakota Investment Council and served in leadership capacities with the Financial Planning Association and the National Association of Financial Planning Advisors. Kahler is also a nationally renowned speaker and educator. In 2003, National American University recognized Mr. Kahler with the Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

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