Wealth Investment Management

Manage Your Assets and achieve financial goals

Pursuing your financial goals is easier when you have a wealth plan that evolves with your needs.

Wealth investment management takes a holistic approach toward defining your path to success. It starts with a financial consultant who works with you to understand your specific situation. We develop a full picture of your finances and results in a personalized investment strategy that has been specifically crafted to help you manage your assets and grow your wealth. This comprehensive plan continues to change and develop with time, integrating various financial services to encompass all parts of your financial life and your relationship with money.

This advanced form of investment advisory service addresses an assortment of diverse needs, ranging from healthcare and taxes to retirement and estate planning. Though you may think you don’t require wealth management at this point in your life, your circumstances are likely to change over the next few years.

Sophisticated financial advice from a trusted investment management expert can assist you in handling your wealth now and for future generations.

Work with an expert

Financial Advisor to Address Your Evolving Needs

When it comes to wealth investment management, you should ideally work with a knowledgeable advisor who can provide you with the right tools and solutions to achieve your financial objectives and help with long-term financial goals.

Rick Kahler, the founder of Kahler Financial Group, believes that straightforward guidance is essential for wealth management. Having served on the South Dakota Investment Council in 1998 and as the Chairman of the South Dakota Retirement System in 2003, Rick is dedicated to helping people make smart financial moves that seamlessly align with their emotional needs. His Financial Therapy Podcast is not just about money; the episodes go deep into mainstream topics and delve into the underlying beliefs and thought processes that often drive our decisions and financial planning.

Rick often uses a baseball analogy to describe the institutional style of investment planning. He explains that the way his investment management teams work is quite different from how Babe Ruth performed—hitting home runs on the field to become the all-time strikeout leader. Instead, he likens his investment style to Ty Cobb, who consistently hit many singles and doubles to take his team to the World Series. Put simply, financial advisors should not go down swinging but remain consistent throughout the way.

The Financial Therapy Podcast

Tangible Investment Solutions that You Can Trust

The Financial Therapy Podcast from Rick Kahler is committed to providing its listeners with professional wealth management advice that is centered on their interests and requirements. Check out the products and services offered that help with personal finance and financial stress.

Moreover, unlike other financial experts and management firms, we do not earn a commission for suggesting proprietary investment products. Our client-centered approach is one of the most significant reasons we have successfully built meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the people who trust us with their money.

We don’t sell products: we provide custom investment solutions to help meet your objectives without any stress-inducing setbacks or unnecessary hassles.

Please check out the latest episodes of the Financial Therapy Podcast to learn more about wealth investment management and other financial advice. 

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